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Man on the Moon - A Milos Forman Film - Jersey Films/Universal

Click on the "Man on the Moon" logo (above) to view the official Universal Studios WWW site dedicated to the Andy Kaufman biopic now showing in half-empty theaters across the country.

Click here to read the mixed reviews of this insipid, annoying and very disappointing movie.

GET WELL SOON MELANIE! (Originally posted September 1, 1999)

Actress Melanie Vesey was treated and released from New York's Bellevue Hospital after an off-duty cop put a bullet in her leg Monday night. Melanie plays Carol Kaufman-Kerman, the sister of Andy Kaufman in the coming movie, "Man in the Moon."

According to an NYPD spokesperson, Melanie was the victim of an "accidental discharge" from a police handgun. The spokesperson provided no further details on the incident, but witnesses did verify that Melanie was not menacing police with a hammer, nor is she related to Amadou Diallo or Abner Louima.

UNIVERSAL MOVES BOW DATE (Originally posted August 19, 1999)

The opening date for "Man on the Moon" has been changed from November 5, 1999 to December 25, 1999. Merry Christmas Andy!!

UNIVERSAL AND JERSEY FILMS REFUTE AND DENY! (Originally posted July 5, 1999)

According to sources behind the scenes, both Universal and Jersey Films stand firmly behind "Man on the Moon." A quote attributed to Jersey Film's Michael Shamberg indicates that, "(T)he executives have been rabidly supportive of us since the rough cut. They are planning a very aggressive marketing campaign."

Despite this endorsement, pressure is being applied to Milos Forman to edit the rough cut and add more scenes with Jim Carrey shouting, "Dank you veddy much!" while bent over, facing the camera and moving his buttocks back and forth with his hands.

ANDY'S SPIRIT GOOFIN' ON UNIVERSAL SUITS (Originally posted June 5, 1999)

Lynne and Bob's attempts to channel Andy (see below) may, or may not have worked. Although he failed to show up at their Comedy Store channeling session, it appears that Andy's spirit merely bounced off the Comedy Store and landed squarely in the laps of Universal studio executives and marketing staffers.

Anonymous sources claim that after a recent test screening, the suits at Universal tagged the movie as a creepy and dark mystery that is virtually unsellable to the general public.

How great is it that even from his grave Andy continues to provoke controversy? Interestingly enough, several members of the test screening audience thought the movie was excellent and gave it very high marks. The screened version was absent a complete soundtrack, titles, etc., but still sustained a favorable review from "John and Jane Q. Public."

NO, BUT HARRY HOUDINI SENDS HIS REGARDS...(Originally posted May 18, 1999)

As reported by Jeannie Williams, in USA TODAY:

May 16th was the anniversary of the death of comic Andy Kaufman, and pals including longtime love Lynne Margulies thought nothing could be better than to try to channel up Andy. They had a party 'round midnight Saturday at the L.A. Comedy Store with a cake and, naturally, a channeler. Guests Bob Saget and Bobcat Goldthwait were ready. But no surprise: Andy didn't show, confirms pal Bob Zmuda, who is co-exec producer of "Man on the Moon", the upcoming film on Andy Kaufman's life starring Jim Carrey. "I would have known" if his friend had communicated in any shape or form, Zmuda says. Zmuda has a book due from Little, Brown in September, "Andy Kaufman Revealed - Best Friend Tells All", in which "finally I tell all the stories." And he's convinced that this time around, Carrey could be up for an Oscar for MotM, due for release November 5, 1999.

WHAT FOOLS THESE MORTALS BE...(Originally posted May 18, 1999)

An idle rumor running around Tinsel Town has Milos Forman shooting multiple endings for "Man on the Moon" These endings include Andy's fabled death due to cancer, Andy undergoing plastic surgery to look like Tony Clifton, and/or an epilogue which has Andy and MotM star, Jim Carrey standing side-by-side as Jim rehearses a scene for the film (this last bit will be played during the film's closing credits).

None of the above are true, or possible. Real Andy Kaufman fans know that the one and only Tony Clifton will be seen singing "I Will Survive" in the movie's final scene.

Again, the film is set to open on November 5th 1999.

R.E.M. TO SCORE KAUFMAN FLICK (Originally posted March 30, 1999)

As previously reported in The Andy Kaufman Home Page, popular rock band, R.E.M. have finally inked a deal to provide the soundtrack for "Man on the Moon". The movie's title is based upon an R.E.M. song of the same name.

"I've always said I stole so much from Patti Smith and nobody's ever commented on it, but maybe when (Man on the Moon) comes out, people will see that I have stolen even more from Andy Kaufman," Michael Stipe recently told the English music magazine NME.


The Sunday edition of The New York Times (January 10, 1999) featured a wonderful article about the upcoming Kaufman biopic. Peter Applebome's, "One One-of-a-Kind Comic Impersonating Another" clearly captures the "sense of murky, multiple realities (that) apparently never wavered during the three months (Jim) Carrey recreated the brief, strange life of Kaufman for the film "Man on the Moon," which is being directed by (Milos) Forman and is scheduled for release sometime next fall."

The article reveals several insightful comments from the movie's participants. Here are a few excerpts:

Jim Carrey on Andy's influence: "It was very important for me to do justice to him. He was on such another level. He had a pure need to create. He was like Geppetto. He walked into a room and didn't see people who would like him or not like him, hurt him or help him. He saw the world as his own little puppet show. Andy wasn't a comedian, he was a behavioral scientist. I was hooked the first time I saw him. I think of him as the Neil Armstrong of comedy. He went places no one else had gone. If he was a comedian, he was the only one who didn't need to get a laugh. He didn't care if audiences loved him or hated him as long as he got beneath their veneer and got them emotionally involved."

Carrey on his own mental health: "These characters were totally separate, more separate than you could imagine. I'm not saying I had to go insane to do this film, but I know that there were some nights, I went to bed as a character who was insane."

In other news: Andy's best friend Bob Zmuda and author Bill Zehme are currently working on books about Kaufman. Andy's brother, Micheal, is considering writing a collection of his reflections and possibly will include Andy's own writings.

An A&E Biography on the life of Andy Kaufman will begin production soon.


Jim Carrey and Jerry "The King" Lawler were reunited for the first time since their September brawl on the L.A. set of "Man on the Moon" (MotM), and sparks flew once again. The two mortal enemies were brought together in New York City to re-enact Lawler's 1983 attack on Andy Kaufman during an appearance on the "Late Night with David Letterman" show. An uneasy truce between the two was short-lived, however. Lawler's all-out, no-holds-barred slap to the side of Jim Carrey's face brought a slight trickle of blood from the right-side of the actor/comedian's mouth. Security guards quickly rushed in to separate the two.

The filming of MotM has now concluded and editing, re-dubbing begins after a short holiday break.

In order to better portray the final days in the life of Andy Kaufman, Jim Carrey shaved his head completely bald.

In a show of solidarity, actor/rock star Courtney Love shaved her armpits. Jim and Courtney have grown quite close during the filming of MotM. In fact, Courtney's wonderful attitude and pleasant disposition have combined to make her a favorite of the entire cast and crew.

Production meetings will soon be convened to discuss a planned, "Man on the Moon II - Electric Boogaloo" with either Pauley Shore, Carrottop, or Sean Penn in the lead role.


In what many consider a heinous and dispicable act, professional wrestler, Jerry "The King" Lawler viciously attacked actor Jim Carrey, during the filming of wrestling scenes at Los Angeles' Olympic Auditorium. "Mr. Lawler acted unprofessionally and attacked Jim Carrey. He attacked him and he injured Jim's neck," said Carrey's manager Eric Gold. Carrey was treated and released from a local hospital and returned to the set wearing a neck brace and a visible look of discomfort. Sources close to the production also report that Mr. Carrey has developed a strange and persistent cough. In addition, several anonymous sources have confirmed that Carrey has accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his own personal saviour and will begin a 50 state evangelical tour as soon as production of the movie is concluded. Jim is committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to all of the unsaved. "For God so loved the world," Jim recently remarked to a passerby, " that he gave his only Son, so that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life. By the way, did you know that I'm Jim Carrey?"

"We're worried about Jim," said longtime friend Tony Piccininni, "He's blurred the line between himself and this Kaufman guy. We want the old Jim back. The old Jim made more sense to us."

Jim and Andy

Jim Carrey IS Andy Kaufman - Clifton Conquers Hollywood - Norm Joins Cast - And more...(Originally Posted August 28, 1998)

As reported from numerous sources:

Jim Carrey has become Andy Kaufman. Inside word from the set of "Man On The Moon" reveals that Jim Carrey has yet to break character, and remains Andy Kaufman for the entire time he is there. Some say he is acting like Andy 24-hours a day. True to Andy's legacy, Carrey has insisted upon, and received, 2 trailers for dressing rooms (Andy's contract demand at "Taxi"). One trailer for Andy, and one for Tony Clifton. Each day Jim explores a different facet of Andy's life, going so far as to serve ice cream to everyone (Andy was addicted to ice cream), haul a replica of Howdy Doody around the set (Howdy was decked out with a black armband, in honor of the recent death of Buffalo Bob Smith), and work with the catering crew (much like Andy's busboy gig with Jerry's Deli).

Tony Clifton has begun to terrorize everyone at Universal, not to mention everyone else in Hollywood. Not only has Tony been brawling with crew members, but he has declared war on the old "Taxi" cast (Henner, Hirsch, Kane, Conaway, et al.) and succeeds in tormenting them on a daily basis. Tony is still bitter over being fired from the show during the filming of episode #10. And his obnoxious behavior doesn't end when his bodyguard hauls his drunken ass off the set at the end of each day. This past weekend Clifton crashed Hugh Hefner's "Mid-Summer's Night Dream Party" at the L.A. Playboy Mansion. In an odd coincidence, Jim Carrey also attended the party

Norm MacDonald, the last funny man to work on Saturday Night Live, will appear in the movie as Michael Richards.

Scenes involving the old Taxi days, appearances by Tony Clifton, and Andy's funeral have already been shot.

Clifton Arrives! - Security Tight - R.E.M. to Score? - News, Notes and More...(Originally Posted August 1, 1998)

The one and only Tony Clifton was spotted on the set late last week! In fact several "Tony Cliftons" were seen on the Universal lot last Thursday afternoon.

At the request of Mr. Carrey, the set will be secure, and only authorized personnel will be provided access (filming begins Monday, July 27, 1998).

The musical score for the film may be done by R.E.M. Negotiations between the band and Universal/Jersey Films are ongoing.

Several members of "Taxi" (Judd Hirsch, Marilu Henner, Jeff Conaway, and Carol Kane) will make cameo appearances in the movie. Veteran comedian and actor, Tom Dreesen will also have a part. Member's of Andy's family will have walk-on roles.

The Kaufman feeding frenzy continues: Andy will soon to be the subject of one major motion picture, two documentaries (look for an Andy Kaufman "E! True Hollywood Story" scheduled to air soon, and another to coincide with the release of the motion picture), two books (one by authorized Kaufman biographer, Bill Zehme titled, "Lost in the Fun House - The Life and Mind of Andy Kaufman" will be published by Dell/Delacorte), and various small articles in magazines across the country. In addition to this new found attention in the mainstream press, several new sites dedicated to Andy have sprung up on the World Wide Web.

Shooting Starts in July - Bow Date Slips - The Screenwriters Speak!! (Originally posted July 1, 1998)

Filming is scheduled to start on or about the third week of July, and will be done in the greater Los Angeles area. Any plans for a Christmas release date have been scrapped and it looks like the film will debut in May 1999, perhaps on the anniversary of Andy's "death".

"Man on the Moon" screenwriters, Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski freely admit that writing the script for the Kaufman biopic was a struggle. "This was a guy who wasn't happy unless he was challenging all perceptions of reality around him," said Alexander. "Andy didn't really consider himself a comedian. His routines weren't about jokes. He just wanted to bend reality. When he died, people poked the body to make sure he was dead," Karaszewski added. Karaszewski went on to say, "This was the hardest thing we ever did, by far. We initially rejected the idea, because Andy's life was all disinformation. It was a hellish experience trying to make sense of him." "About the strangest thing you can say about him is that he was Andy Kaufman his entire life," Alexander said.

Shocking News from the "Man on the Moon" Casting Couch!?!? (Originally posted April 19, 1998)

The role of Andy's best friend, Bob Zmuda will be played by Paul Giamatti. Giamatti (better known as "Pig Vomit" in Howard Stern's "Private Parts") beat out country music superstar Garth Brooks (who is trying to expand his talents into the acting arena). An unconfirmed rumor has Courtney Love penciled in as Andy's girlfriend, Lynne Margulies. The part of professional wrestler Jerry "The King" Lawler will be played by professional wrestler Jerry "The King" Lawler. Sources also whisper that either Bob Hope, or Richard Pryor will leave their respective deathbeds to make a brief appearance in the movie as comedy mogul, Budd Friedman.

Actually, Budd will be played by George Shapiro...

AUDITION PROCESS TURNS "KAUFMAN-ESQUE"(originally posted March 11, 1998)

The audition process for "Man on the Moon" got a little weird...

Any actor interested in the lead role was required to send in a videotape of their best Andy Kaufman impression. Milos Forman received a tape that was supposedly from Gary Oldman. The tape wasn't Oldman at all, and turned out to be the work of an imposter. Oldman refused to submit a video, and his manager was confused when Forman's staff called to discuss it with them. Someone was either playing a prank, or using a bizarre angle to try and land the job.

JIM CARREY OFFERED LEAD IN "MAN ON THE MOON" (originally posted March 1, 1998)

Milos Forman has selected Jim Carrey for the role of Andy Kaufman in the Universal biopic tentatively titled, "Man On The Moon." Carrey has yet to receive an official offer, but sources say a deal will be made rather quickly. Carrey has lobbied for the role, and his audition tape was a phenomenal impersonation of Andy, complete with the congas once owned by the late comedian. Finding time in his busy schedule may be Carrey's biggest challenge. He's currrently booked to star in a Warner Brothers remake of "The Incredible Mr. Limpet."

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