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Um. Ummm. . .

He came late. Mommy and Daddy tried to make him three times and each time they got a new baby started something bad happened to Mommy and she cried. He was made the fourth time, finally, and so was his invisible twin brother, Dhrupick, but nobody cared about Dhrupick, although Dhrupick would later help him do special things. No, really. He had to name Dhrupick himself, because nobody else ever saw Dhrupick or didn't know that they saw him even when they saw him. And also, since Dhrupick was his exact replicate, he could be Dhrupick when he wasn't himself, which was often, eventually more and more so. Anyway, Dhrupick made being somebody else easy, he learned. Of what was mathematically considered to be his childhood (just yearwise), he would later tell some person, "Every once in a while, every week or two, I would wake up in the morning and I would say, 'I think I'll be Dhrupick.' D-h-r-u, I think, p-i-c-k. I chose that name for a logical reason, but I forget what it was."

And so his eyes opened thirty-five years and four months before they stopped seeing anything anymore ever again. . .

Thus begins Bill Zehme's critically acclaimed biography of Andy Kaufman.

Paperback Edition Enhanced and Revised

The revised paperback edition will include newly found material and revised passages based upon further research. Some errors were also corrected to ensure total accuracy. Unbeknownst (or unappreciated) by many readers, Zehme used parcels of Kaufman's voluminous writings and candid interviews with Kaufman's family and closest friends to frame key episodes in Kaufman's life. Zehme speaks in prose that mimics Andy's writing style and diction and he captures Andy's voice with stunning accuracy. To compliment this daring style, an addendum has been added to include additional clarification and notes on source material.

"Bill Zehme's ingenious biography of Andy Kaufman is the best possible guess of what this singular comedian was all about. The expected dutiful research is obvious; Zehme lists 257 interview sources tracing Kaufman's lunacy from Long Island childhood to death by cancer that many believed was another put-on.

What Zehme does with his exhaustive information makes the book a channeling portal into a prankster's soul. Each page possesses a trace of childish wonder, mischief or petulant ego, the same traits that marked Kaufman's irritating and fascinating stand-up act. There is urgency to these insights, a plea to be understood, equally pathetic and admirable. Zehme regularly slips into the sing-song rhythm of Kaufman's stage voice, turning the book into another shaving of his subject's split personality." - Steve Persall, The St. Petersburg Times.

Another bonus found in the paperback will be a never before seen letter from Andy to his idol, Elvis Presley. (A portion of this letter appears for the first time below.) The entire letter will be included in Lost in the Funhouse the paperback edition.

Rare glimpse of Andy's letter to Elvis Presley


Andy's 1969 letter to Elvis, unearthed and added to the revised paperback edition "Lost in the Funhouse: The Life and Mind of Andy Kaufman"


Andy's letter to Elvis reveals his love and admiration for "The King"

The paperback version of Lost in the Funhouse: The Life and Mind of Andy Kaufman is available now!

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