For the revised paperback edition of Bill Zehme's "Lost in the Funhouse: The Life and Mind of Andy Kaufman" here's a tip sheet and also the lost paragraphs that failed to make the final print due to pagination constraints:

Page 72: new wording to "whadja do" jack-off song.

Page 337: new paragraph at bottom of page after "he was there, anyway":

From his sister Carol's apartment the following afternoon, however, he called into the popular WLS-AM radio program hosted by Steve Dahl and Garry Meier and reported on the spectacle. (Like Letterman, the radio pair had long provided Andy an on-air open forum for whatever whim he wished to broadcast.) "I have a personal vested interest in anyone that fights Lawler," he said. Dahl and Meier wanted to talk about the SNL vote-off instead. "I don't really care about it," he said. "I don't really miss Saturday Night Live." Dahl challenged: "I think you and Dick Ebersol sat down and cooked up something to get the show ratings and to get some publicity for you." Said Andy, with an audible twinkle: "Maybe we did, maybe we didn't . . ."

Page 341: new parenthetical into first paragraph -- "After the final credits rolled (in which the absent Zmuda was wryly listed as "Invisible Man")...

Page 342: new section separated by line spaces (after "Come on!!"):

Still in Chicago on July first, two days after the PBS taping, he turned up at the Park West Theater (the site of the mock police raid the year before) and wandered onstage in the middle of a concert performance given by his radio friends Steve Dahl and Garry Meier. He clutched a paper bag containing a box of Kleenex because he felt the onset of a cold. The radio hosts had invited him to surprise their audience by wrestling actor James Belushi in a tub of Jello. He could not refuse. It was nice to be near a club audience again, even if the people were there to see somebody else.

Anyway, he sat quietly onstage long after he wrestled Belushi to a draw. Not to be funny, he just sat there on the bandstand and watched the radio boys do their act and wiped his nose frequently.

Page 344: second paragraph, add sentence after last sentence:

. . . something else to do. Morton witnessed the signing of the will instead, in the privacy of his Late Night office.