Preface to Andy Kaufman's "The Hollering Mangoo"

(The following was submitted to Michael & Pru Kaufman for use as the preface to "The Hollering Mangoo". The Kaufman's have yet to publish "Mangoo" but will hopefully use this when they do. You may notice that portions of this text have made there way into Michael's introduction to "GOD...and other stories".)

Writing was Andy's lifelong passion and his commitment to this passion was uncommon. He was forever scribbling on notepads, hotel stationary, or whatever, and the rumpled pages traveled with him wherever he went. Andy began to write at a young age and he wrote constantly. Mostly late at night, he penned short stories, poems, semi-autobiographical novels, and eventually scripts and screenplays. Andy was always putting words on a page and in 1965 those pages contained "The Hollering Mangoo." The first of several epic novels, "Mangoo" is the offspring of a bewildered and frustrated sixteen-year-old. With unbridled juvenile passion, this book is filled with rage, rebellion and humor meant to shock, amuse and offend in equal measure.

So before you begin, please understand that you'll be entering a strange, strange world - a sphere of teenage darkness - where friends and family are a bizarre collection of the concrete, the abstract and the overwhelmed. A place where violence and vulgarity flourish and no one is safe from random acts of insanity. Essential to it all is the Mangoo. The Evil Mangoo. The Misunderstood Mangoo. The Relentless Mangoo. The Hollering Mangoo.

This book is not for the faint of heart.

Prepare to enter the world of The Hollering Mangoo . . .