(World News Service) New York, July 29, 1982 - NBC television host David Letterman sat by helplessly last night as guest Andy Kaufman and world champion wrestler Jerry Lawler turned his "Late Night" talk show into a shambles. While Kaufman and Lawler verbally abused one another Letterman attempted to save the situation by pausing for a commercial break, at which point Lawler rose out of his chair and sent Kaufman sprawling to the floor with a ferocious blow to the face. Upon returning from the commercial break, TV viewers were treated to the sight of Kaufman spewing obscenities as censors frantically bleeped out the offensive words. Sources at NBC report that NBC officials are contemplating banning Kaufman from all future network programming.(mkb61405str) (1982)

(World News Service) New York, August 7, 1982 - In an exclusive interview with Geraldo Rivera, comedian Andy Kaufman today revealed his plans to buy NBC after his pending two hundred milion dollar lawsuit against NBC is settled. Kaufman also laid out his intentions of altering NBC's programming at that time to a 24-hour-a-day wrestling format. NBC sources revealed that NBC president Grant Tinker is threatening a counter suit against Kaufman. Tinker could not be reached for comment.(mkb42000str) (1982)

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