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Uncle Andy's Audio Funhouse

Andy in a BIG Hat

Welcome to Uncle Andy's Audio Funhouse! Sit back and enjoy sound bites of Andy (and friends) from various performances.

Andy's audition for "Saturday Night Live." (Part 1) (88k)

Andy's audition for "Saturday Night Live." (Part 2) (92k)

Foreign Man introduces his Elvis imitation. (81k)

Foreign Man wonders if you're laughing at him, or with him. (55k)

Andy attempts to read F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby." (67k)

Tony Clifton reveals the secret behind Andy's success. (43k)

Tony's unique brand of comedy revealed. (94k)

Tony confirms that he is NOT Andy Kaufman. (88k)

Andy and Jerry Lawler trade insults as David Letterman tries to referee. (71k)

Andy reacts to Lawler's vicious assault. (83k)

Andy's obscene tirade continues. (93k)

Andy apologizes to his fans and the television audience. (91k)

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